Meet Mark Spencer

Mark loves to see people connect with God and each other! That passion has driven his 40 years of ministry. Mark has master’s degrees in marriage and family and theological studies from Bethel Seminary.
He is married to Betsy and they have five children and four granddaughters. He loves to read and learn, and plays guitar, mandolin and ukulele. He loves the outdoors, birding and chocolate!


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Learning Love

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Pastoral Care and Counseling



  • Hearing Aids
    Preached this morning about 3 “hearing aids” that can help us hear God’s voice more clearly. The sermon is here: The sermon starts about 40:00 In a nutshell we discussed three spiritual practices (coined “hearing aids”) that are extremely helpful to us as we seek to hear God’s voice. They are: Practicing stillness SpiritualContinue reading “Hearing Aids”
    When I am overwhelmed I want to talk with someone who has overcome hardships, who has felt the pressure of leadership, and whose faith has triumphed. Today we will consult with that person…
  • Getting through
    When facing challenges you’ll often hear someone say, “I just gotta get through this!” But where will you get through to? That’s an important soul question!



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