The importance of going SLOW!

If your team is going to learn and grow…you will have to move SLOWLY!  That is so contrary to our culture’s inflamed pace, but every learning study affirms this.  Look at these educational diagrams and learn!:

For decades now we have known how important a reflective process is for learning, but have adamantly ignored it for convenience sake.  We delude ourselves that we are making learning happen by plowing through reading assignments and regurgitating disconnected facts on paper (ok enough ranting Mark!)

Lets not make the same mistake as many of our educational institution-let REAL learning run its full cycle through some kind of process of reflection.

Now to do that you and I as leaders are going to have to be vigilant in a number of ways:

1. Don’t rush!  The goal isn’t to race through data or meetings!

2. Review often.  Check back with people in and out of gatherings.  Ask them what they are learning and noticing.

3. Practice ourselves.  As leaders we are busy people.  There are a lot of demands on our time.  FOCUS.  Find a way to note what God is teaching us and stay on it like a dog on the hunt.  Do the same for your co-workers.  Stay focused.

4. Make fruit your aim.  Ask, “how will I look/act different if I really get what God is saying to me”.  You’ll know you are there when you see it!  So to the person who says, “Oh God wants me to slow down” ask them, “and what does a slowed down Mark look like?”  They may need time to really think on that…fine give them time.  BUT be sure to come back to it because the clearer they SEE it the sooner they will move towards it.

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