Psalm 66 For Your Brain!

“Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me.”
(Psalm 66:16)

Listening to Pastor Sharon last Sunday reminded me of how very important storytelling is to all of us.

In a recent study, 89 adult participants were asked to tell their life stories to a team of researchers who then assessed their mental and physical health once a year for four years.

After analyzing the themes found in each participant’s personal narrative, researchers determined that highlighting happy endings (i.e the good and God!) can be linked to reduced risk of depression and higher psychological and social well-being.

The study called attention to agency (feeling hopeful), communion (feeling connected to others) and redemption (feeling that even terrible events can lead to good developments) as key themes associated with better mental health.

Furthermore, when you tell your story and I listen we both experience similar benefits!  So whether you are the storyteller, or listener; it’s going to encourage you!

Grab hold of an opportunity today to either share a God-story with someone, or invite them to tell you “what He has done for them”.  Either way you’ll find encouragement for your heart and help to your brain!


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