When I am overwhelmed I want to talk with someone who has overcome hardships, who has felt the pressure of leadership, and whose faith has triumphed. Today we will consult with that person…

3 thoughts on “OVERWHELMED!!!

  1. Thank you Mark for another excellent word. No simple platitudes for David. His life was continually in crisis both physical and relational. The hardest thing after I cry out to the Lord is to know that He cares for me and to remember all His love and provision.

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks for listening. I’m with you about receiving the Lord’s care…for me that’s why 1 Peter 5.7 has meant so much. I need to cast my cares…but then watch for His care! Peace!

  2. Thanks Mark. A very good reminder for me. This has been a very stressful 2 years. It’s hard to cry out. I’ve learned to do that over the years. In my ministry it was hard for guys to “cry out”. It’s not manly. I was there once also. Learning to “cry out” to the Lord in numerous ways helped me a lot!

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