Hearing Aids

Preached this morning about 3 “hearing aids” that can help us hear God’s voice more clearly.

The sermon is here: https://www.facebook.com/BridgewoodBlaine/videos/2913534375546854

The sermon starts about 40:00

In a nutshell we discussed three spiritual practices (coined “hearing aids”) that are extremely helpful to us as we seek to hear God’s voice. They are:

  1. Practicing stillness
  2. Spiritual (or sacred) Pathways
  3. Reading deep

Here are some thoughts/helps:

Practicing Stillness:

  1. Remember the body is the “dashboard” of your soul. Be aware of how you carry stress and tension in your body. If you don’t learn to relax/settle your body your brain will never fully engage.
  2. Practice quiet and stillness often. Memorize how it feels to be settled so that calm is more easily found when you need it. If you don’t have a solid idea of what calm feels like in your body you will be lost to the stress of the world.
  3. Our thoughts and emotions are more easily quieted when our body calms down. Start with the body…and remember to breath!

Spiritual Pathways:

Here are some helpful links regarding Pathways:

Gary Thomas’s PDF

These “final pathway” sheets and recommended devotional adventures are my attempts to make Pathways accessible to us. Take the Pathway sheet survey to discover your top 3 pathways and then take a look at recommended devotional adventures prior to building your plan. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

Reading Deep.

I mentioned three keys with reading the Bible deeply:

  1. Learn to bring your soul to the Bible. In other words, what are you learning or wrestling with. Pin it down to a Biblical word…is it worry, fear, anxiety, courage, calling, etc. Once you have it pinned down you can read what the Bible has to say about whatever you are facing. It’s those verses that you want to read deeply.
  2. Reading deeply begins with letting the Bible “read you”. Where are these truths rooted in my life? Where is my obedience lacking? What do I need to surrender to Jesus? What do I need from Jesus to obey the verse?
  3. Lastly, memorize the verse. Quote it to yourself. Read it aloud…sssssslowly! Emphasize different words and listen for what stands out to you. Soak in that verse!

Here’s a snap shot of ways to relate to the Word of God:

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